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Alvarez MBA

Research  -  Business  -  Law 



I am Lizette Alvarez a graduate from two of the topped ranked women’s universities and colleges in the United States. I hold an MBA from Mills College in the San Francisco Bay Area with a concentration in Socially Responsible Business. My undergraduate degrees are in Psychology/Biology from Mount St. Mary's University, Los Angeles, CA.


My multifaceted work is that of a multilingual, ethical, and socially responsible, organizational leader who

delivers strong financial, cost effective, performance while creating a positive societal impact on

the communities and organizations I serve.


The specialties I bring to organizations include, but are not limited to:


RESEARCH:     Specifically, medical based research including, but not limited to: Evidence

                        based data tabulation, diverse populations, culturally competent healthcare, tele-

                        mobile and global health.


BUSINESS:      Strategic Planning and philanthropy with private and public sectors to establish common goals

                        and then communicate that planning in the most effective format.


LAW:               Technical writing in contracts and contract law. Additionally, I provide advocacy for

                        socially and economically challenged communities that in turn serve individuals

                        in a meaningful way.



Some of the private, state and federal entities that I have worked with include:


                     Health Core Possibilities

                     University of Southern California,         

                     (School of Pharmacy, Institute for Health Promotion & Disease Prevention Research)

                     University California San Francisco,

                     (Medical Effectiveness Research Center for Diverse Populations, School of Medicine, OBGYN,


                     Kaiser Permanente

                     City of Los Angeles

                     City of San Francisco

                     UNESCO World Heritage Organization

                     Government of Laos

                     University California Los Angeles

                     Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation

                     U.S. Department of Commerce





Product: Dos & Don'ts

Backford Hall, San Francisco, CA



Fund Your Start-Up

Mission Convention Center, Austin, TX



Product Strategy

Rural College, Boston, MA


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 " ...innovator in cost-effectiveness, comparative effectiveness and health outcomes research.."


Gregory Molina,

Program Administrator

Dept. of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Economics

"Brilliant and diverse research work."


Jeannette Sison,

Research Administrator UCSF

"Outstanding grantwriter." "Impactful leader and creator of partnerships."


Steven Stumpf Ed. D,


Health Core Possibilities

"...unique insights and solutions."


Nancy Vaughan,

VP National Account Manager Kaiser Permanente

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